About Membership

As a member of IAPA, you can trust that wherever you want to do business around the world, your fellow members can offer global access to highly efficient and cost effective accounting, assurance, corporate finance and tax advisory services.   

IAPA members offer a collective commitment to high quality and ethical accounting solutions with expertise in a wide range of industrial and business sectors. Members share an entrepreneurial attitude and embrace common values: independence, accessibility, efficiency, integrity, respect, transparency and the need to excel.  

For firms with the vision to see the opportunities in IAPA, the benefits of joining the association are many: participating firms retain their independence and full control of their own business model; they retain their local branding and identity; they gain full global support for their clients; they gain security with the knowledge that they can deliver global support for potential new clients, and they gain the possibility of cross-border referrals.

Regional Groups

Member firms in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific are organised into regional groupings whose activities are directed by their respective Regional Boards.  Each group has delegated responsibility within its respective region for membership recruitment, membership activities and promotional work. Through these groupings, member firms have access to a range of additional activities designed to strengthen cooperation and contact and to promote opportunities for collaborative ventures.

National Accounting Groups

In a number of countries where IAPA is strongly represented (Australia, Canada, Germany and the UK) member firms have joined together within National Accounting Groups (NAGs). National Accounting Groups enjoy a degree of autonomy within the global structure, running their own programmes of activity and have delegated responsibility for the recruitment of new member firms.

Member firms within the National Accounting Groups are expected to meet the quality standards required of all other IAPA member firms. For further details about IAPA's National Accounting Groups, please contact Joy Lord at IAPA j.lord@iapa.net or HERE.